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“Rabbit Products: Enhancing Pet Care and Gardening Naturally”

Discover the myriad benefits of using rabbit products for both your pets and gardening needs. Our environmentally friendly and sustainable rabbit-derived products offer exceptional value to pet owners and garden enthusiasts alike. With high-quality rabbit food, toys, and accessories, you can ensure that your furry friends stay healthy, happy, and engaged. Rabbit manure, a fantastic organic fertilizer, can significantly enhance the growth and vitality of your plants, flowers, and vegetables. Rich in essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it improves soil structure and promotes earthworm activity. Embrace the natural advantages of rabbit products to foster thriving ecosystems in your home and garden, while supporting a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you choose to raise rabbits?

Rabbits are a very sustainable meat source. Not only do they provide healthy nutrition, but they also provide excellent fertilizer for the garden. All of their parts are useful so nothing goes to waste and they are relatively easy to care for, breed quickly, noiseless, and mostly stink-free. Rabbits are also a joy to watch when living colony style.

What services do you offer?

I offer all-natural, preservative-free dog and cat treats and provide whole or ground rabbits as an addition to your pet’s diet. For the garden, I sell rabbit manure (fertilizer) as well as seasonal plants. I also offer consultations on building rabbit habitats, breeding, and general care.

Are rabbit furs ok for dogs to eat?

Yes! Not only do they provide a chewing outlet, but they also contain vitamins and minerals as well as roughage/fiber. Some people also claim they help to reduce intestinal parasites.

What kind of rabbits do you have?

My rabbits are a New Zealand/(Standard) Rex mix.

What do your rabbits eat?

My rabbits are free-feed Organic pellets and a mix of Timothy and Orchard hay. I also give them a variety of pesticide-free seasonal greens from my garden.

Do you enjoy killing rabbits?

No. It is the hardest thing for me about raising meat rabbits, but I strongly believe in giving my rabbits a happy life and a quick, stress-free death. Instead of shoving them in a cage and sending them off to a butcher, I efficiently and humanely dispatch them in mere moments so that they experience minimal distress.


Shipping is available, inquire for an estimate.

Rabbit Hide Chews (Twisted)
Price: $6.00

Rabbit Hide Chews (Braided)
Price: $5.00

Rabbit Hide Chips (Small)
Price: $2.00

Rabbit Hide Chips (Medium)
Price: $3.00

Rabbit Tails
Price: $2.00

Rabbit Hide Strips (Long)
Price: $4.00


Shipping is available, inquire for an estimate.

With A Dehydrated Rabbit’s Tail
Price: $7.00


Local Pick Up Only!

Rabbit Feet (Small)
Price: $1.00

Rabbit Feet (Large)
Price: $2.00

Rabbit Ears (Small)
Price: $0.50

Rabbit Ears (Large)
Price: $1.00


Shipping is available, inquire for an estimate!

Rabbit Manure – Gallon Bag
Price: $7.00

Rabbit Manure – 19.9 Lb Sack
Price: $15.00

(May also contain hay and fur shavings)


Shipping is available, inquire for an estimate!

1. Whole Ground Rabbit Meat (Per Pound)
(Can be ordered with fur or without)
Price: $8.00

2. Whole Rabbit Dressed (Per Pound)
Intestines removed, feet can be removed if requested.
Price: $4.00

3. Whole Rabbit With Fur (Per Pound)
Skinned rabbit, includes head, bones, heart, lungs, kidneys, no intestines, no feet. (Each rabbit weighs 3 to 4 pounds on average)
Price: $7.00

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