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My pets and their health is very important to me. I wanted to provide them with optimal nutrition and healthy treats.

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The Rabbitat

How it Works

Our rabbits are raised colony-style and get to live happy lives with plenty of room to hop about and interact with the other bunnies. They get fed organic pellets and a variety of chemical-free greens from my garden as well as their fill of both timothy and orchard hay. There are no corn/corn byproducts in their diet and they are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free. I strive to give them their best lives, mimicking how they would live in nature with minimal intervention while keeping them completely safe from predators.

What we do

Our Products


Dehydrated rabbit hide and tails. Shipping is available, please inquire for an estimate.

Cat Toys

Select toys made from rabbit parts.

Fresh Frozen

Frozen rabbit feet and ears.


Rabbit manure for your garden.

Made to Order

Select rabbit made to order.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Cultivate a healthy, sustainable food source for pets and people.

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